Paper / Card Eventing Bib Number Inserts For Use with Eventing Bib Holders


A4 paper or card bib number inserts for eventing or cross country ( XC ) number bibs. Printed black ink on to white paper or coloured card. Designed for use with most popular eventing number bibs. Inserts only, number bib holder not included.


  • Paper or Card Eventing Bib Number Inserts. For Use with Eventing Bibs.
  • Printed in black ink to one or side only
  • Printed on 80gsm white paper or 210gsm- 250gsm card dependent on the colour of the card chosen.
  • Cut to fit snugly inside A4 or A5 bib holders.
  • Just purchase two packs if you require an insert front and back.
  • The card version is available in a number of colours so you can distinguish class, age, event etc.
  • Available in packs of 10, 50 and 100.
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